Northfield Park
10705 Northfield Road P.O. Box 374
Northfield, Ohio, 44067


Racing Dates: 2011-01-01 until 2011-12-30
Number of Racing Days:

RacetrackTrack Length: 1/2 Mile
Stretch Length: 440 feet
Stretch Width: 80 feet
Infield Capacity:
Clubhouse Capacity:
Grand Stand Capacity:
Parking Capacity:
Price General Admission:
Price Clubhouse: $1.25
Price Turf Club:

Northfield Park History

Northfield Park was established in 1934 under the masthead Sportsman Park and was used as a greyhound track at that time. After the handover of ownership, main focus was switched to midget car racing. Car racing went on successfully for twenty long years. From 1956 onwards, the interest of car racing began to wane and Sportsman Park was demolished for giving a new face to the ground. Gradually, this ground became one of the nation’s premier harness racing tracks, Northfield Park. This park is the only remaining commercial harness track in Northeast Ohio.

Earlier, this park included three tracks in a circuit – Northfield Park, Painesville Raceway and Grandview Raceway. Northfield Park was opened in 1957 by Grandview\\\'s owner - Walter J. Michael; his intention was to expand the racing season. In 1972, the racetrack was purchased in part by Cleveland real estate magnet Carl Milstein. The players club at Northfield Park was introduced in October 1996 and has sent out more than $1,000,000 in betting vouchers and other rewards to qualified members.

More About Northfield Park

How to get there:

Northfield Park racetrack is located 15 miles southeast of downtown Cleveland, Ohio, USA on Route 8 (Northfield Road), off the Forbes Road exit of I-271.