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This Week's Graded Stakes Schedule
Date Graded Stakes
Apr 26 * Aqueduct: Belle Harbor S., $100,000, 3yo f, 6.5f
* Aqueduct: New York Stallion S. (Park Avenue Div.), $100,000, 3yo f, 6.5f
* Aqueduct: New York Stallion S. (Times Square Div.), $100,000, 3yo c&g, 6.5f
* Golden Gate Fields: Campanile S., $100,000, 3yo f, 8f
* Golden Gate Fields: Silky Sullivan, $100,000, 3yo, 8f
* Santa Anita Park: Wilshire S. (G3), $100,000, 3&up f&m, 8f
* Woodbine: Jacques Cartier S., $125,000, 4&up, 6f
Apr 29 * Belmont Park: Elusive Quality S., $100,000, 4&up, 7f
May 01 * Churchill Downs: Alysheba S. (G2), $400,000, 4&up, 8.5f
* Churchill Downs: Edgewood S. (G3), $150,000, 3yo f, 8.5f
* Churchill Downs: Eight Belles S. (G3), $200,000, 3yo f, 7f
* Churchill Downs: La Troienne S. (G1), $300,000, 4&up f&m, 8.5f
* Churchill Downs: Kentucky Oaks (G1), $1,000,000, 3yo f, 9f
* Churchill Downs: Twin Spires Turf Sprint (G3), $150,000, 4&up, 5f
* Belmont Park: Gold Fever S., $100,000, 3yo, 6f
* Belmont Park: License Fee S., $100,000, 4&up f&m, 6f
* Prairie Meadows: Golden Circle S., $75,000, 3yo, 6f
* Santa Anita Park: Ultrafleet S., $75,000, 3yo f, abt 6.5f
May 02 * Churchill Downs: American Turf (G2), $250,000, 3yo, 8.5f
* Churchill Downs: Churchill Distaff Turf Mile (G2), $300,000, 4&up f&m, 8f
* Churchill Downs: Churchill Downs (G2), $500,000, 4&up, 7f
* Churchill Downs: Humana Distaff (G1), $300,000, 4&up f&m, 7f
* Churchill Downs: Kentucky Derby (G1), $2,000,000, 3yo, 10f
* Churchill Downs: Pat Day Mile S. (G3), $200,000, 3yo, 8f
* Churchill Downs: Woodford Reserve Turf Classic S. (G1), $500,000, 4&up, 9f
* Belmont Park: Fort Marcy S. (G3), $150,000, 4&up, 9f
* Belmont Park: Sheepshead Bay S. (G2), $200,000, 4&up f&m, 11f
* Belmont Park: Westchester S. (G3), $150,000, 4&up, 8f
* Belterra Park: Babst/Palacios Memorial H., $75,000, 3&up, 6f
* Great Meadow: David Semmes Memorial (G2), $75,000, 4&up, 17f
* Great Meadow: Virginia Gold Cup Timber, $90,000, 5&up, 32f
* Gulfstream Park: English Channel S., $75,000, 3yo, 8.5f
* Gulfstream Park: Honey Ryder S., $75,000, 3yo f, 8f
* Parx Racing: Foxy J.G. Stakes, $75,000, 3&up f&m, 7f
* Parx Racing: Lyman S., $75,000, 3&up, 7f
* Parx Racing: Parx Derby, $75,000, 3yo, 8.32f
* Parx Racing: Parx Oaks, $75,000, 3yo f, 8.32f
* Santa Anita Park: Desert Code S., $75,000, 3yo, abt 6.5f
* Santa Anita Park: Precisionist S. (G3), $100,000, 3&up, 8.5f
* ThistleDown Racino: Dr. T.F. Classen Memorial S., $75,000, 3&up f&m, 6f
* Woodbine: Queenston S., $150,000, 3yo, 7f
May 03 * Belmont Park: Affirmed Success S., $100,000, 4&up, 6f
* Santa Anita Park: Honeymoon S. (G2), $200,000, 3yo f, 9f
* Woodbine: Fury S., $150,000, 3yo f, 7f
May 09 * Belmont Park: Beaugay S. (G3), $150,000, 4&up f&m, 8.5f
* Belmont Park: Man o' War (G1), $400,000, 4&up, 11f
* Belmont Park: Peter Pan S. (G2), $200,000, 3yo, 9f
* Belmont Park: Ruffian H. (G2), $250,000, 4&up f&m, 8f
* Belterra Park: Tall Stack S., $75,000, 3yo, 6.5f
* Churchill Downs: Unbridled Sidney S., $65,000, 3&up f&m, 5f
* Lone Star Park: Texas Stallion S. (Got Koko Div.), $75,000, 3yo f, 8f
* Lone Star Park: Texas Stallion S. (Stymie Div.), $75,000, 3yo c&g, 8f
* Monmouth Park: Decathlon S., $75,000, 3&up, 6f
* Percy Warner: Calvin Houghland Iroquois (G1), $150,000, 4&up, 24f
* Percy Warner: Marcellus Frost Hurdle S. , $75,000, 4&up, 18f
* Santa Anita Park: American S. (G3), $100,000, 3&up, 8f
* Santa Anita Park: Vanity S. (G1), $300,000, 3&up f&m, 9f
* Woodbine: Hendrie S. (G3), $150,000, 4&up f&m, 6.5f
May 10 * Belmont Park: Diablo S., $100,000, 4&up, 6f
* Golden Gate Fields: Alcatraz S., $75,000, 3yo, 8f
* Santa Anita Park: Lazaro Barrera S. (G3), $100,000, 3yo, 7f
* Woodbine: New Providence S., $125,000, 3&up, 6f
May 15 * Pimlico: Adena Springs Miss Preakness S. (G3), $150,000, 3yo f, 6f
* Pimlico: Allaire duPont Distaff S. (G3), $150,000, 3&up f&m, 9f
* Pimlico: Black-Eyed Susan S. (G2), $250,000, 3yo f, 9f
* Pimlico: Hilltop S., $100,000, 3yo f, 8.5f
* Pimlico: Jim McKay Turf Sprint, $100,000, 3&up, 5f
* Pimlico: Pimlico Special (G3), $300,000, 3&up, 9.5f
* Pimlico: Skipat S., $100,000, 3&up f&m, 6f
May 16 * Pimlico: Chick Lang S., $100,000, 3yo, 6f
* Pimlico: Gallorette H. (G3), $150,000, 3&up f&m, 8.5f
* Pimlico: James W. Murphy S., $100,000, 3yo, 8f
* Pimlico: Longines Dixie S. (G2), $300,000, 3&up, 8.5f
* Pimlico: Maryland Sprint H. (G3), $150,000, 3&up, 6f
* Pimlico: Preakness S. (G1), $1,500,000, 3yo, 9.5f
* Pimlico: Sir Barton S., $100,000, 3yo, 8.5f
* Pimlico: The Very One S., $100,000, 3&up f&m, 5f
* Belmont Park: Vagrancy H. (G3), $150,000, 4&up f&m, 6.5f
* Belmont Park: Wait a While S., $100,000, 3yo f, 7f
* Monmouth Park: Red Bank S. (G3), $100,000, 3&up, 8f
* Santa Anita Park: Angels Flight S., $75,000, 3yo f, 7f
* Santa Anita Park: Mizdirection S., $75,000, 3&up f&m, abt 6.5f
* ThistleDown Racino: Michael F. Rowland Memorial H., $75,000, 3&up, 6f
* Woodbine: Marine S. (G3), $150,000, 3yo, 8.5f
May 17 * Belterra Park: Tomboy S., $75,000, 3yo f, 8.5f
* Woodbine: Vigil S. (G3), $150,000, 4&up, 7f
May 18 * Presque Isle Downs : Tom Ridge S., $100,000, 3yo, 6f
* Woodbine: Ballade S., $125,000, 3&up f&m, 6f
May 23 * Belmont Park: Paradise Creek S., $100,000, 3yo, 7f
* Churchill Downs: Louisville H. (G3), $100,000, 3&up, 12f
* Monmouth Park: Majestic Light S., $75,000, 3&up, 8.32f
* Parx Racing: My Juliet S., $75,000, 3&up f&m, 6f
* Prairie Meadows: Ed Skinner Memorial, $75,000, 3&up, 6f
* Santa Anita Park: Fran's Valentine S., $125,000, 4&up f&m, 8f
* Santa Anita Park: Melair S., $200,000, 3yo f, 8.5f
* Santa Anita Park: Snow Chief S., $200,000, 3yo, 9f
* Santa Anita Park: Spring Fever S., $150,000, 4&up f&m, 6f
* Santa Anita Park: Tiznow S., $150,000, 4&up, 8f
* Woodbine: Nassau S. (G2), $200,000, 3&up f&m, 8f
May 24 * Monmouth Park: Monmouth Beach S., $75,000, 3&up f&m, 8.32f
* Santa Anita Park: Charles Whittingham S. (G2), $200,000, 3&up, 12f
* Woodbine: Selene S. (G3), $150,000, 3yo f, 8.5f
May 25 * Belmont Park: Bouwerie S., $125,000, 3yo f, 7f
* Belmont Park: Commentator S., $200,000, 3&up, 8f
* Belmont Park: Critical Eye, $200,000, 3&up f&m, 8f
* Belmont Park: Kingston S., $125,000, 3&up, 8f
* Belmont Park: Mike Lee S., $125,000, 3yo, 7f
* Belmont Park: Mount Vernon S., $125,000, 3&up f&m, 8f
* Canterbury Park: Honor the Hero S., $75,000, 3&up, 5f
* Churchill Downs: Winning Colors S. (G3), $100,000, 3&up f&m, 6f
* Golden Gate Fields: All American (G3), $100,000, 3&up, 8f
* Lone Star Park: Lone Star Park H. (G3), $200,000, 3&up, 8.5f
* Monmouth Park: Miss Liberty S., $75,000, 3&up f&m, 8.5f
* Prairie Meadows: Jim Rasmussen, $75,000, 3&up, 8.5f
* Santa Anita Park: Gamely S. (G1), $300,000, 3&up f&m, 9f
* Santa Anita Park: Los Angeles S. (G3), $100,000, 3&up, 6f
May 30 * Belmont Park: Pennine Ridge, $200,000, 3yo, 9f
* Churchill Downs: Aristides (G3), $100,000, 3&up, 6f
* Evangeline Downs: Evangeline Downs Turf Sprint, $300,000, 3&up, 5f
* Evangeline Downs: Evangeline Mile, $100,000, 3&up, 8f
* Evangeline Downs: Opelousas S., $100,000, 3&up f&m, 8.5f
* Penn National Race Course: Lyphard S., $75,000, 3&up f&m, 8.5f
* Penn National Race Course: Mountainview H., $200,000, 3&up, 9f
* Penn National Race Course: Penn Mile (G3), $500,000, 3yo, 8f
* Penn National Race Course: Penn Oaks, $150,000, 3yo f, 8f
* Penn National Race Course: Pennsylvania Governor's Cup H., $150,000, 3&up, 5f
* Prairie Meadows: Panthers S., $75,000, 3yo f, 8f
* Prairie Meadows: Prairie Mile, $75,000, 3yo, 8f
* Santa Anita Park: American Oaks (G1), $400,000, 3yo f, 10f
* Santa Anita Park: Californian S. (G2), $200,000, 3&up, 9f
* Woodbine: Connaught Cup S. (G2), $200,000, 4&up, 7f
May 31 * Belmont Park: Wonder Again, $200,000, 3yo f, 9f
* Belterra Park: Green Carpet S., $75,000, 3yo, 8.5f
* Santa Anita Park: Siren Lure S., $75,000, 3&up, abt 6.5f
* Woodbine: Lady Angela S., $125,000, 3yo f, 7f
Jun 04 * Belmont Park: Astoria, $250,000, 2yo f, 5.5f
* Belmont Park: Intercontinental, $150,000, 4&up f&m, 7f
Jun 05 * Belmont Park: Belmont Gold Cup Invitational, $250,000, 4&up, 16f
* Belmont Park: Jersey Girl S., $150,000, 3yo f, 6f
* Belmont Park: New York S. (G2), $300,000, 4&up f&m, 10f
* Belmont Park: Tremont, $250,000, 2yo, 5.5f
* Belmont Park: True North S. (G2), $250,000, 4&up, 6f
Jun 06 * Belmont Park: Acorn S. (G1), $750,000, 3yo f, 8f
* Belmont Park: Belmont S. (G1), $1,500,000, 3yo, 12f
* Belmont Park: Brooklyn Invitational (G2), $400,000, 4&up, 12f
* Belmont Park: Easy Goer S., $150,000, 3yo, 8.5f
* Belmont Park: Jaipur Invitational (G3), $300,000, 4&up, 6f
* Belmont Park: Longines Just a Game S. (G1), $700,000, 4&up f&m, 8f
* Belmont Park: Manhattan S. (G1), $1,000,000, 4&up, 10f
* Belmont Park: Metropolitan H. (G1), $1,250,000, 3&up, 8f
* Belmont Park: Ogden Phipps S. (G1), $1,000,000, 4&up f&m, 8.5f
* Belmont Park: Woody Stephens S. (G2), $500,000, 3yo, 7f
* Canterbury Park: Brooks Fields S., $75,000, 3&up, 8f
* Canterbury Park: Minnesota HBPA Distaff, $75,000, 3&up f&m, 8f
* Churchill Downs: Old Forester Mint Julep (G3), $100,000, 3&up f&m, 8.5f
* Parx Racing: Jostle S., $75,000, 3yo f, 6.5f
* Santa Anita Park: Crystal Water S., $100,000, 3&up, 8f
* ThistleDown Racino: Michael G. Mackey Memorial/Angenora S., $75,000, 3&up f&m, 6f
* Woodbine: Steady Growth S., $125,000, 3&up, 8.5f
Jun 07 * Monmouth Park: Monmouth S. (G2), $200,000, 3&up, 9f
* Santa Anita Park: Affirmed S. (G3), $100,000, 3yo, 8.5f
* Woodbine: Eclipse S. (G2), $200,000, 4&up, 8.5f
Jun 10 * Indiana Grand Race Course: Sagamore Sired S., $85,000, 3yo, 6f
* Indiana Grand Race Course: Swifty Sired Fillies S., $85,000, 3yo f, 6f
Jun 13 * Albuquerque: Downs at Albuquerque H., $150,000, 3&up, 9f
* Belmont Park: Poker H. (G3), $300,000, 4&up, 8f
* Churchill Downs: Fleur de Lis H. (G2), $200,000, 3&up f&m, 9f
* Churchill Downs: Matt Winn S. (G3), $100,000, 3yo, 8.5f
* Churchill Downs: Regret S. (G3), $100,000, 3yo f, 9f
* Churchill Downs: Stephen Foster H. (G1), $500,000, 3&up, 9f
* Penn National Race Course: Danzig S., $75,000, 3yo c&g, 6f
* Penn National Race Course: New Start S., $75,000, 3yo f, 6f
* Prairie Meadows: Cyclones H., $75,000, 3&up c&g, 8.5f
* Prairie Meadows: Hawkeyes H., $75,000, 3&up f&m, 8.5f
* Santa Anita Park: Adoration S. (G3), $100,000, 3&up f&m, 8.5f
* Santa Anita Park: Shoemaker Mile (G1), $400,000, 3&up, 8f
* Woodbine: Bold Ruckus S., $125,000, 3yo, 6f
Jun 14 * Belmont Park: Wild Applause, $100,000, 3yo f, 8f
* Belterra Park: Sydney Gendelman Memorial H., $75,000, 3&up, 8.5f
* Presque Isle Downs : Satin and Lace S., $100,000, 3&up f&m, 5.5f
* Santa Anita Park: Desert Stormer S., $75,000, 3&up f&m, 6f
* Woodbine: Plate Trial S., $150,000, 3yo, 9f
* Woodbine: Woodbine Oaks S. Presented by Budweiser, $500,000, 3yo f, 9f
Jun 15 * Presque Isle Downs : Karl Boyes Memorial Northwestern Pa. S., $100,000, 3&up, 5.5f
Jun 20 * Belmont Park: Bed o' Roses H. (G3), $150,000, 4&up f&m, 7f
* Delaware Park: Obeah S. (G3), $100,000, 3&up f&m, 9f
* Parx Racing: Donald LeVine Memorial H., $100,000, 3&up, 7f
* Ruidoso Downs: Mountain Top Futurity, $175,000, 2yo, 5f
* Santa Anita Park: Singletary S., $75,000, 3yo, 8f
* Santa Anita Park: Summertime Oaks (G2), $200,000, 3yo f, 8.5f
* ThistleDown Racino: Ohio Derby, $500,000, 3yo, 8.5f
* Woodbine: Victoria S., $125,000, 2yo, 6f
Jun 21 * Belmont Park: New York Stallion S. (Cupecoy's Joy Div.), $100,000, 3yo f, 7f
* Belmont Park: New York Stallion S. (Spectacular Bid Div.), $100,000, 3yo, 7f
* Canterbury Park: Dark Star Cup, $75,000, 3&up, 6.5f
* Canterbury Park: Northbound Pride Oaks, $75,000, 3yo f, 8f
* Monmouth Park: Pegasus S. (G3), $150,000, 3yo, 8.5f
* Santa Anita Park: Landaluce S., $125,000, 2yo f, 5.5f
* Santa Anita Park: Santa Anita Juvenile, $125,000, 2yo, 5.5f
* Woodbine: King Edward S. (G2), $200,000, 3&up, 8f
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Mubtaahij works five furlongs in company in prep for Belmont StakesMay 26, 2015
ELMONT, N.Y. – For the third time in eight days, Belmont Stakes candidate Mubtaahij put in a timed workout, this time going f...
American Pharoah faces unfamiliar track in Triple Crown bidMay 25, 2015
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