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Horse Racing Games"Virtual Derby" is a virtual horse racing game. There are six runners and riders to choose from all with different odds of winning. Each and every horse's odds represent a true reflection of that horse's chances in the race. Factors such as the recent form of the horse, the experience of the jockey, the quality of the trainer and the going on the particular day of the race are all factors that contribute towards the compiling of the odds.

If it is your first time on Virtual Derby we recommend you choose the play for fun option which allows you to practice using fun money. This will help you understand how to play and as soon as you are comfortable with play for fun you are ready to play for real.

Game Rules

Players may place 'Win Only' and 'Exacta' bets at fixed odds on the outcome of virtual races that start 'on demand'. This means that the races are not pre-scheduled; instead they start when you confirm your bets. You will not receive a confirmation message in order for your bet to be valid.

For 'Win Only' bets, players can choose to bet on as many horses as they like per race: from 1 to 6 runners. If your horse passes the post first then you'll win the odds for that horse.

For 'Exacta', players can choose to bet on any combination of two horses. If the horses you bet to finish 1st and 2nd pass the post in that order then you will win the odds for that bet.

If you click on ? sign, the screen will become dim and if you mouse over different areas you will see explanatory notes attached; click on the ? sign again to return to the betting screen. You can find information on each horse by clicking on the 'Info' arrow next to the horse name. 'Bet slip' shows all the bets you made so far for the upcoming race and 'History' page shows your results for the past races.