Sports Betting

If - Win/If - Action Bets Explained

An If Win bet is an excellent choice for money management. You wager a fixed amount on one team, if that team wins, then the same amount as your original wager is placed on a different team.


Note: Limits are set to the same limits as the total for the event

Example: Yyou can have a two team If Win Bet for $11 on the Bears and Giants. If the Bears win, you risked $11 to win $10 and now you have another $11 wager on the Giants. If they win, then you win another $10 for a total of $20 in winnings. If the Giants lose, then you lose $1, because you won $10 on the Bears and you lose $11 on the Giants. If the Bears lost, then you lose your original $11 and you have no bet on the Giants.

Four Team If Bet

Bears Giants Rams Cowboys Grand Total
Risk $11 $11 $11 $11 $11
To Win $10 $10 $10 $10

Scenario One Win Win Win Win
Result +$10 +$10 +$10 +$10 +$40

Scenario Two Win Win Win Lose
Result +$10 +$10 +$10 -$11 +$19

Scenario Three Win Win Lose No Bet
Result +$10 +$10 -$11 +$9

Scenario Four Win Lose No Bet No Bet
Result +$10 -$11 -$1

Scenario Five Lose No Bet No Bet No Bet
Result -$11 -$11

Your first wager must win in order for you to have action on the remaining wagers. If the first wager loses, there is No Action thereafter. You can put as many as 2 to 7 teams in an If Win bet.


How is an If Action Bet Different?

There is a simple difference between an If Win bet and an If Action bet. In an If Win bet your first wager must WIN in order for the next wager to have action. In an If Action bet each wager must WIN or PUSH (tie) in order for the next wager to have action. While the Push will result in neither a win nor a loss for you on that particular game, we will continue on to the next wager in your bet whereas in an If Win bet we would have stopped the bet at the Push.




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