Sports Betting


Wagering on baseball is done by laying or taking money odds.
The minus (-) indicates the favorite
The plus (+) indicates the underdog

On money odds whenever there is a minus (-) you lay that amount to win adollar, where there is a plus (+)you get that amount for every dollar wagered.


Dodgers: +150
Phillies: -160

Player would lay $160 to win $100 or $16 to win $10 on the Phillies.
Player wagers $100 to win $150 or $10 to win $15 on the Dodgers.


Wagering is similar to baseball. In the event of a draw, moneys on the fight itself will be refunded. However, specific fight propositions must come as stated, such as a draw, either fighter by knockout or decision or a specific round knockout etc. Rounds propositions will be governed by the rules posted on our wagering sheets or as stated at the time of the wager. In the event that either fighter does not make the required weight but the bout goes on, the following stipulations apply: When the bell sounds for the first round, the bout will be considered official, regardless of the scheduled length or title. The bout must have the original scheduled length to have action on a rounds proposition.


Wagering on hockey is done by laying or taking goals and money odds.
The minus (-) indicates the favorite
The plus (+) indicates the underdog


Bruins: + 1/2 Even
Kings: - 1/2 -1.40

Player would lay 1/2 goal and $140 to win $100 on the Kings. Player would wager $100 and take 1/2 goal to win $100 on the Bruins.


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