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There are very few casinos or sportsbooks that offer Progressive Parlays, less than a handful and you will not find these anywhere in Las Vegas.

Go Horse Betting continues to dominate the competition in Payout Value

How does a Progressive Parlay work? In fact, it's quite simple. In exchange for not getting quite as big a payout for picking a perfect combination, you are getting insurance for those rare occasions when one or more or the teams in your parlay losses.

Example: An 8 team progressive parlay for $10 will payout $750 for making a perfect 8 team winning combination. If you are only able to find 7 winners then you win $100. And if you only bring home 6 winners then you will still find a winning ticket for $20.
  All Teams Won1 Team Loss2 Teams Lose3 Teams Lose
4 Teams5/11/1 ----
5 Teams 11 /1 2/1----
6 Teams20/1 7/2----
7 Teams40/14/11/2--
8 Teams75/110/12/1--
9 Teams150/120/15/2--
10 Teams250/125/13/11/1
11 Teams400/160/15/11/1
12 Teams900/180/110/1 3/1

Take a look at the extraordinary value that Go Horse Betting is offering.

" Place a $10 wager on a 12 team parlay at our competitors and you win $6,000 if you get all 12 right. You lose $10 if you miss just one team.

" Place a $10 wager on a 12 team parlay at Go Horse Betting and not only do you win 50% more, or $9,000, if you get all 12 correct, but you still win $100 even if 2 of your teams lose.

Note: Progressive parlay odds are based on point spread betting options only. The payout calculations are based on these odds. Progressive parlays are not available for MLB, NHL or money line wagers in football and basketball.

A push or a tie is considered a loss and a No-Actioned bet would revert to the next lowest progressive parlay.



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  • Round Robins

    A three-team Round Robin consists of one three-team parlay and three two-team parlays. For example, Mike likes teams A,B,C - with a Round Robin he has a three-teamer with ABC, and two-teamers with AB, AC, and BC. It's that simple, nobody offers you more ways to win that Go Horse Betting