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Free Horse BetGo Horse Betting gives away a FREE $10 BET on each of the races that comprise the American Triple Crown: Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes!

This promotion is available to all members of Go Horse Betting. Becoming a member is FREE.

How to Place your Free Bet

  1. The free will be located in the Club House when you login to your racing account.
  2. When you place your free bet, $10 will be debited from your account.


How the Free Horse Bet Works

  • If you lose, the $10 will be returned to your betting account.
  • If you win, then the $10 will be returned to your account along with your winnings.


Free horse Bet Rules

  • One wager per player allowed.
  • You must deposit a minimum of $20 to fund your account or have a balance of $10 in your account in order to place your free bet.
  • If there is a tie, all wagers shall be refunded, no winnings will be credited.

    The Free Bet is identified by the words "Free Bet."

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