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Sports Betting
We have the best selection of Sports Betting Props and Futures.

You can view a few of them before logging in, but to see the real deal, it only takes a minute to become a member.

Go Horse Betting has everything you need to bet on sports and more! Our extensive database of online betting options gives our customers the best selection of sports betting lines, props and futures.

Horse Betting in the Sportsbook - Members of Go Horse Betting can bet on every major graded stakes horse race of the horse racing season. Check out our horse betting options located in the online sportsbook today and you will find head to head horse matchup bets, horse racing props, betting futures and more.

NFL Football Betting - Bet on NFL and NCAA football at Go Horse Betting Sportsbook. Once you have signed up and made your first deposit, you will have access to a vast selection of NFL football betting props and futures all year round. Bet on who will win the Super Bowl, league MVP or most rushing yards. As a matter of fact, you can bet on pretty much anything football related.

NBA Basketball Betting - Bet on NBA and NCAA basketball with Go Horse Betting Sportsbook. We offer daily props, futures and promotions all year round. You can bet on half bets, quarter bets, LIVE betting lines, game props, player props, divisional championship futures and championship titles. Bet on buzzer beaters, big games, huge wins, big upsets and more.

MLB Baseball Betting - Baseball betting with Go Horse Betting Sportsbook! Betting baseball during the off-season doesn't really stop. It is a great time to lock in the best odds on all sorts of betting futures. Who will win the most baseball games? Who will hit the most home runs? Take your pick from our great selection of props, futures and daily betting lines.

PGA Golf Betting - Bet on PGA golf odds, props and futures with Go Horse Betting Sportsbook featuring the best selection of online golf lines, PGA bets and PGA tour championship bets.

NHL Hockey Betting - Bet on NHL hockey odds at Go Horse Betting Sportsbook. Bet on NHL game lines, NHL betting lines, match ups and futures. Bet on who will win the Stanley Cup all year long!

Bet on Sports with Go Horse Betting - We have a lot to offer when it comes to betting on sports, horse racing, the Grammy awards, presidential elections and more. When you bet in our sportsbook, not only do you get to take advantage of our great promotions, but we also give you 5% cash back. Start getting the value you deserve and join the members of Go Horse Betting today!

  • Hundreds of Props Every Day
  • Daily Football, Basketball & Baseball Propositions
  • Dozens of Futures, including College Championship Odds, Homerun Derbys, Scoring Titles and More
  • Dozens of Props for every Sunday and Monday Night Football Games
  • Daily Matchups on all European and American Golf Matchups
  • Special Tiger Woods Props every week
  • Masters Tournament odds Year Round
  • Weekly Winston and Busch NASCAR odds and matchups
  • Formula 1 race adds always at Go Horse Betting
  • Odds for all the major golf players to Win a Major in 2000
  • Super Bowl, AFC, NFC, NBA Champs, Stanley Cup, World Series
  • US Presidential Race
  • Props on Every Major Golf and Tennis Match
  • You can Parlay together most proposition wagers at True Parlay Odds
  • Sign up today online and get a 20% cash bonus on your first deposit!

Horse Betting Promotions

10% Deposit Bonus every Thursday!

Get 10% free cash awarded to all your deposits every Thursday at Go Horse Betting. We just give you free cash, when you want it.

5% Monthly Rebate

Get Paid to Play. Have a tough month? At Go Horse Betting we will give you a 5% rebate on your sports losses with no limit as to how much money you can be credited. Start getting the value you deserve. But you have got to be in it to win it.

Round Robins

A three-team Round Robin consists of one three-team parlay and three two-team parlays. For example, Mike likes teams A,B,C - with a Round Robin he has a three-teamer with ABC, and two-teamers with AB, AC, and BC. It's that simple, nobody offers you more ways to win that Go Horse Betting

Sports Lines

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